Ps.110 :7 – He will drink from the brook by the wayside;
Therefore He will lift up His head.

What a beautiful verse of scripture, it describes our Lord leading His armies in victory over all His enemies. His whole earthly ministry can be viewed as the captain of this unusual army advancing His unusual kingdom. His weapons weren’t swords and shields but were spiritual weapons. He was strengthened in the battle as He drank from the brook of living waters that was constantly bubbling up within Him. Here is how the Passion Translation translates this verse.
“Yet he himself will drink from his inheritance
as from a flowing brook;
refreshed by love he will stand victorious!”
Here is how Adam Clarke describes this passage.

“Refreshment and rest, the fruits of the victories which have been gained: “HE SHALL DRINK OF THE BROOK IN THE WAY; THEREFORE, SHALL HE LIFT UP THE HEAD.” He and his victorious army, having defeated and pursued his enemies, and being spent with fatigue and thirst, are refreshed by drinking from a rivulet providentially met with in the way. But the rout being now complete and final. The emperor is proclaimed and triumphs: God lifts up the HEAD, — ראש rosh, the CHIEF, the CAPTAIN; as the word often means. Jesus, the Captain of our salvation, has a complete triumph; eternal peace and tranquillity are established. The Messiah is all in all-the last enemy, Death, is destroyed. Jesus, having overcome, has sat down with the Father upon his throne; and his soldiers, having also overcome through the blood of the Lamb, seated with him on the same throne, are for ever with the Lord.”

Sometimes the ministry seems like you are on the run, maybe like a marathon that doesn’t end after twenty six miles. The key is not just suffering and enduring to the end, our survival is found in today’s verse. We have to learn to drink on the run. This brook that David speaks of in today’s passage is always with us. Better than that, it is bubbling up within us. The stream flows from a fountain in our belly and we can actually drink on the run. Sometimes we can’t stop what we are doing, our responsibilities just get in the way. Our ability to continue is determined by learning how to drink and be refreshed on the run. So go ahead and drink from the brook, its right here right now. Lift up your head and rejoice, our victory is guaranteed.

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  1. “Be anxious for nothing” We have been told of our future, our promised land and the marriage with Jesus, we (His church) have said yes to His incredible proposal. The preparations are ongoing, both His part and His brides part (ours). If a thousand years is a day in God’s time, it’s only been a couple of day’s. With eternity in mind, it’s enough to just make our part ready one day at a time, that’s all we are asked to do, pretty simple wouldn’t you say.

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