Jn.20:21,22 – Jesus repeated his greeting, “Peace to you!” And he told them, “Just as the Father has sent me, I’m now sending you.” Then, taking a deep breath, he blew on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit”.

The Bible teaches that before we are born again we are technically dead. I guess this would make some have to evaluate their definition of death. The Biblical meaning is that we are separated from God. That part of us that was designed to walk with God, our spirit, is not alive and cannot perceive God. This is reminiscent of the clay man God formed from the ground. The Lord breathed into the statue’s nostrils and he came alive. That is exactly what the new birth is; we were totally dead until Christ breathed His life into us. This is a quote from the Passion Notes that describes this.

“The Greek word used here does not appear elsewhere in the New Testament, however, it is the same word found in the Septuagint for God “breathed” into Adam’s nostrils the breath of life. The beginning of new creation life came from the breath of Jesus. The mighty wind of Acts 2 was for power, the breath Jesus breathed into his disciples in this verse was for life.”

Ezekiel had a disturbing vision about a whole valley that was filled with skeletons. The Lord told Ezekiel to call for the wind of God to blow on these bones. The wind came and the army of dead bones came alive. Here is Barclay on this passage.

“This was the same picture as Ezekiel saw in the valley of dead, dry bones, when he heard God say to the wind: ‘Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live’ (Ezekiel 37:9). The coming of the Holy Spirit is like the wakening of life from the dead. When he comes upon the Church, it is re-created for its task.”

This is where we are today. Just like Ezekiel, we are surrounded with an immense number of dry bones. How can these bones live? The Lord says to prophesy to these bones. Awake dry bones! Dry bones in Southeast Louisiana- “Wake up!” Dry bones in Louisiana- “Wake up!!!” Dry bones in America- “Wake up !!!!!” Maybe your bones are dry – I tell you today wake up – allow the breath of God to enter you and awaken you. The wind of God is blowing in the Land – Breath Him in and come alive.

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  1. That wind starts to move every time two or more are gathered in His name. It’s what can give corporate worship such an allurement, a refreshing breeze that engages the soul to desire to stay and have a deep drink of living water as well.

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