Ps.73:17 – Until I entered the sanctuary of God; Then I perceived their end.

Have you ever been bothered when the obviously belligerent and sinful people of this generation apparently get away with their antics? It can be quite unnerving when you think justice has been pushed aside and the wicked are still fat and happy. That is exactly the point of Psalm 73. David was obviously fed up with their disgusting behavior and their continued prosperity. Here is how David said it:

Ps.73:6,7 – Therefore arrogance is their necklace;

The garment of violence covers them.

Their eye bulges from fatness;

The imaginations of their heart overflow.

What changed all of this for David? He went into God’s presence in the tabernacle. A sudden glimpse of eternity changed his view, he realized justice is certain in light of eternity. Here is how Spurgeon says this.

“His mind entered the eternity where God dwells as in a holy place, he left the things of sense for the things invisible, his heart gazed within the veil, he stood where the thrice holy God stands. Thus he shifted his point of view, and apparent disorder resolved itself into harmony. The motions of the planets appear most discordant from this world which is itself a planet; they appear as “progressive, retrograde, and standing still; “but could we fix our observatory in the sun, which is the centre of the system, we should perceive all the planets moving in perfect circle around the head of the great solar family. Then understood I their end. He had seen too little to be able to judge; a wider view changed his judgment; he saw with his mind’s enlightened eye the future of the wicked, and his soul was in debate no longer as to the happiness of their condition. No envy gnaws now at his heart, but a holy horror both of their impending doom, and of their present guilt, fills his soul.”

In the presence of the Lord things become amazingly clear. We become suddenly aware of the inheritance of God’s children and painfully aware of the impending judgement awaiting the lost. No one escapes; justice and mercy are certain. When we have a steady dose of God’s presence found in His house our hearts are strangely moved with compassion for the lost. We shrink back at the thought of the coming judgement of God. Instead of anger because “people are getting away with murder”, we are longing for God to grant them repentance that they can step into His mercy.

4 thoughts on “CHANGED MY VIEW”

  1. How easily we distance ourselves from God’s perspective when it is the only truth to be found. Worldly perspective is constantly flowing in an attempt to saturate it’s audience. If His church much like Lot’s wife turns back, we too can fall to pieces.

  2. Father, break our hearts for that which breaks your’s. That we would be moved with the same compassion that moved Jesus to tears as He prayed overJerusalem. That our hearts would burn to glorify You by revealing You to those around us.
    In Jesus’s Name.

  3. The Lord’s judgment is giving us more and more of what we think we want until what we thought we wanted consumes us, much like addiction. When you have experienced this type of bondage and know that the things in the wicked hearts are bc they don’t know the Goodness and Mercy of God…there is a huge burden to pray for them. We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood..

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