Matt.22:2 – The kingdom of heaven is like a king who held a wedding feast for his son.

This parable was given by the Lord just a few days before His death. He is beginning to unveil the deepest implications of His humanity as His return to His Father in heaven is imminent. Shortly after this, He served the disciples the Last Supper opening up the mysteries of redemption. From there, He led them to Gethsemane where He poured out His heart in intercession calling for the Oneness of those who belong to Him with the Father and the Son. This gospel feast is a celebration of that beautiful union that we will enjoy for eternity. This is a comment from Spurgeon on this glorious feast.

“A certain king made a marriage for his son. Thus doth the King of glory celebrate the union of his Son with our humanity. The divine Son of God condescended to be united with our human nature, in order that he might redeem the beloved objects of his choice from the penalty due to their sins, and might enter into the nearest conceivable connection with them. The gospel is a glorious festival in honor of that wondrous marriage, by which God and man are made one. It was a grand event; and grandly did the King, propose to celebrate it by a wedding feast of grace. The marriage and the marriage festivities were all arranged by the King; he took such delight in his only-begotten and well-beloved Son, that everything that was for his honor and joy afforded infinite satisfaction to the great Father’s heart. In addition to the Son’s equal glory with the Father as Creator, Preserver, and Provider, by his marriage he was to be crowned with fresh honors as Savior, Redeemer, and Mediator.”

For those who have been born again the anticipation of this joyful celebration deepens. We have been brought into fellowship or oneness with this awesome God. The full realization of that will come at His appearing. We are tasting the edge of it now as eternity is breaking in on us. All that we long for is finally fulfilled in this glorious union. We have tried to satisfy that longing with temporal things; that will never do since eternity is in our hearts. Today we see through a glass darkly, soon we will know Him face to face. Let the joy deepen in you, the kingdom of God is near.

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