Lk.14:1,2- -It happened that when He went into the house of one of the leaders of the Pharisees on the Sabbath to eat bread, they were watching Him closely. And there in front of Him was a man suffering from edema.

This is the setting where Jesus gave the instructions about who to invite to your special guest parties. Jesus had been invited to a Pharisee’s house for a meal and sitting right in front of Him was a man with edema. This disease causes grotesque swelling and disfigurement. This poor man was not there by accident, the Pharisees were actually setting a trap to persuade Jesus to ‘violate’ the sabbath. Funny thing about this story, the Pharisees were setting a trap, but they were falling into the trap the Lord had set for them. No, this man was not there by accident, the Lord had a plan. He would be glorified by displaying God’s healing power in front of everyone. I like that, the Pharisees and this poor man thought the sick man was there for one reason when he was actually there to come face to face with Jesus. The Lord called Him closer, the touch of God was unmistakeable; this poor man was not only healed, he had been in the presence of God. Here is how McLaren describes this scene.

“The bare fact of healing is not prohibited,’ they might have said, ‘but the acts necessary for healing are.’ But no acts were necessary for this Healer’s power to operate. The outgoing of His will had power. Their finespun distinctions of deeds lawful and unlawful were spiders’ webs, and His act of mercy flew high above the webs, like some fair winged creature glancing in the sunshine, while the spider sits in his crevice balked. The broad principle involved in Jesus’ first question is that no Sabbath law, no so-called religious restriction, can ever forbid helping the miserable. The repose of the Sabbath is deepened, not disturbed, by activity for man’s good.”

So what about the party? This suffering, deformed man was exactly who should be invited. This is what our annual free food festival, Feed the Multitudes, is all about. Invite the poor, the sick, the forgotten elderly, and every suffering person we can find. Rather than clamoring for recognition and prominence, just touch the poor suffering soul who happens to be in your life. You never know, he may not be in your path by accident; it just might be the day for you to see a miracle.

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  1. “O King of kings, they will all bow before
    O King of kings, every nation will one day
    serve you.
    He will care for the needy and neglected
    when they cry to him for help.
    The humble and helpless will know his
    for with a father’s compassion he will save
    their souls.
    They will be rescued from tyranny and
    for their lifeblood is precious in his eyes.
    Long live this King!
    May the wealth of the world be laid
    before him.
    May there be ceaseless praise and prayer
    to him
    May all the blessing be brought to him.

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