Matt.14:16 – But Jesus said to them, “They do not need to go; you give them something to eat!”

“You give them something to eat”. Those words hung in the air as the disciples tried to find a way out of the uncomfortable predicament they found themselves in. It seems like the Lord is always maneuvering our lives into some strange set of circumstances; circumstances that we have no way of fixing. All kinds of thoughts were crowding the minds of the disciples. Thoughts like, “I thought we were going across the lake for some r and r, now look at the fix we are in”. Someone else may have thought, “This is ridiculous, it was crazy enough to leave our fishing business, but now He is asking us to do the impossible”. One may have even thought, “I knew it, these long hours and now the death of His cousin John; I think Jesus may have snapped”.
All of us that have pursued some sort of ministry have found ourselves in these moments; the Lord actually brings us to these moments to cause us to step into the world of faith and miracles. Here is how John Chrysostom describes this situation.

“Note carefully the Teacher’s skill. Observe with what discretion he draws them toward believing. Observe how deliberately this unfolds. For he did not simply say, “I will feed them.” The deeper significance of that would have not been easily understood. So what does he say? “They need not go away; you give them something to eat.”
He did not say “I give them” but “you give them.” For at this point their regard for him was essentially as to a man. They said to him, “We have only five loaves here and two fish.” At this point Mark adds, “They did not understand the saying, for their heart was hardened.” For they were continuing to crawl like babies.”

I like that- they were crawling like babies when they needed to learn how to run. They would all be running by faith soon enough, today they were still in the school of faith. So maybe the Lord is calling you into some uncomfortable situation. Ministering to hurting people inevitably will lead you there. What should you do when these uncomfortable moments come knocking at your door? Look for the answer right under your nose. Surely there is a little boy there with a lunch. That’s the way it always is for crawlers, the answer can’t be far away.

4 thoughts on “CRAWLING LIKE BABIES”

  1. It’s so true, we always look for the easiest way through and can be quick to open our mouths to further intensify the bleakness in front of us. Isn’t how we react to the circumstances of life our clearest measuring stick of how close or distant to Jesus our hearts along with our trust we really are? Perhaps that’s why James say’s “count it all joy when we encounter various trials and testing” Would any of us leave our houses in the morning without first looking in the mirror, obtaining an understanding of yourself in a moment only takes a simple glance, but that’s only the outside, the inner you often needs probing and prodding to uncover. For me the challenging circumstances have become my inward mirror if I care to take a glance.

  2. Cynthia Potier

    Amen. Every time He calls me to something new, it is shocking what He does in and through me.

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