Matt.14:20 – And they all ate and were satisfied, and they picked up what was left over of the broken pieces: twelve full baskets.

Obviously the Lord was trying to say something with the supernatural provision at the feeding of the 5000 and the twelve baskets full of leftovers. If Christ is the Bread of life, then these leftovers are significant and to me speak of the amazing things that began to take place in the life of Jesus in this last year of His ministry.

It wasn’t that many months after Jesus taught the people that He was the bread that came down from heaven that He performed another major miracle that changed everything. He raised His friend Lazarus from the dead after he had been dead and buried for four days. He was saying that I am the Bread of life and I am also the Resurrection and the life. Believing in Him brings each of us into this resurrection life.
Shortly following this miracle of Lazarus, Jesus ate the Last Supper with His disciples. This event was historic, becoming the foundational teaching of every Christian church for all times. Who else could say “Eat my body and drink my blood”? This is the very essence of our Christian faith.

As His death closed in on Him, He dressed Himself as a servant and literally washed His disciples feet. This was a picture of the new ministry He was introducing to the world. He was showing through His actions that the Holy Spirit would come after He left, wash them, and make them new each and every day.

Then came the final discourse with His disciples before His arrest. What would be the subject of this final teaching? Jesus expounded on the coming ministry of the Holy Spirit. This was why He had come, not only to wash our sins away, but to bring us to God. We would receive power to operate just like Him by the power of the Spirit. This is how Jesus said it. Jn.14:16 – “I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, so that He may be with you forever”…

So these are the twelve baskets of leftovers; you know, sometimes the leftovers are better than the first serving. There are fragments of this bread that gives us life that He has given to us. Eat this bread, drink from the cup, and allow the power of the Spirit to reign through you.


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