Matt.14:20 – and they all ate and were satisfied. They picked up what was left over of the broken pieces, twelve full baskets.

Christ is always way more than enough. If you think about it, of course not only would everyone at the banquet be filled, there would have to be plenty of leftovers for the waiters called disciples at the banquet. That’s just the way Jesus is. Now, the amazing part of this miracle is the underlying message; Christ is the bread of life and there is always a surplus of Him when we begin to distribute the broken bread among the people. To me, those twelve full baskets of bread and fish speak volumes. The miracles and provision of God were not finished that day, they were not even diminished. The source was not the little boy’s lunch, the source is Christ. Here is how Maclaren describes this beautiful surplus.

“So that we are not inventing a fanciful interpretation of an incident not meant to have any meaning deeper than shows on the surface, when we say that the abundance far beyond what the eaters could make use of at the moment really represented the large surplus of inexhaustible resources and unused grace which is treasured for us all in Christ Jesus. Whom He feeds He feasts. His gifts answer our need, and over-answer it, for He is ‘able to do exceeding abundantly above that which we ask or think,’ and neither our conceptions, nor our petitions, nor our present powers of receiving, are the real limits of the illimitable grace that is laid up for us in Christ, and which, potentially, we have each of us in our hands whenever we lay our hands on Him. Oh, dear friends! what you and I have ever had and felt of Christ’s power, sweetness, preciousness, and love is as nothing compared with the infinite depths of all those which lie in Him.”

So we at Victory just finished our annual Feed the Multitudes event. The difference this year the Lord, as Lucy said about Aslan, “You look so much bigger now.” What was Aslan’s response? “I am bigger because you are older”. As we grow in Christ we see Him more and more like He is. Jesus was at the FTM touching the hurting, but He is also in the basket of broken pieces that He gave you to take home. Oh, you didn’t know you got a basket when you went home. Go have a look, I think you will find your basket nearby.

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  1. Maclaren’s statement “nor our present powers of receiving, are the real limits” I am not satisfied with yesterdays to date accumulation of my understanding, nor closeness, nor likeness. I do not believe any of us still breathing are finished products, but do we long for more? Climbing His holy mountain requires renewed strength daily and I believe there are places on His mountain where no man has gone before, reserved uniquely just for a singular person, a unique revelation that then becomes part of His completed body.

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