Job 37:14-16 – Listen to this, Job;

Stand and consider the wonders of God.

“Do you know how God establishes them,

And makes the lightning of His clouds to shine?

“Do you know about the hovering of the clouds,

The wonders of One who is perfect in knowledge,

Job finally comes to the end of his arguments when he begins to consider God. In this passage, Job is being exhorted to consider God’s works. When you begin to evaluate His great works, you begin to glimpse His greatness. This is the place of revelation, humbling ourselves before His mighty power. Here is how Adam Clarke describes this verse.

The wondrous works of God. Endless in their variety; stupendous in their structure; complicated in their parts; indescribable in their relations and connections; and incomprehensible in the mode of their formation, in the cohesion of their parts, and in the ends of their creation.”

Clarke is describing the infinite nature of God revealed in His works. You can see His greatness in His creation, His work of redemption, and His sovereignty seen in our daily world. He is great and He is always at work all around us. Here is how Matthew Henry responds to this passage.

“The imperfection of our knowledge. The greatest scientists are very much in the dark about the power and works of nature. We are a paradox to ourselves, and everything about us is a mystery. The effects of gravity on bodies and the cohesion of particles of matter are certain, but at the same time inexplicable. It is good for us to be made aware of how little we know. Some have confessed their ignorance, and those who refuse to do so have betrayed it. But we must all conclude that we are most incompetent judges of God’s ways when we recognize how little we understand of how he works.”

I think it is quite funny to see an author from the 1700’s saying the same thing about scientists that we can say today. No matter how much they advance in intellectual knowledge, they are still blind to the knowledge of God. It is looking at His works with an eye toward God that we begin to see. He penetrates our hard hearts with His light and love and floods into our lives with His greatness. Consider the wonders of God, you just may fall into His ocean of love.


  1. Love this, from a faith perspective, all I need to know has His answers in His recorded book. He loves me and offers salvation to all and has a mapped out plan for me if I choose to follow. Simple!

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