1 Cor.2:4,5 – and my message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of mankind, but on the power of God.

I love to hear true Pentecostal preaching. How would I describe it? Well it is not necessarily loud or emotional, and it is not a certain cultural style. Pentecostal preaching is birthed in heaven, not in the human mind. It is a human voice yielded to the mind and power of Christ. There are two great examples in the book of Acts where we see Peter preach. The first one is in Acts 2 when Peter was describing the unignorable Pentecostal outpouring in Jerusalem. You know, the famous “this is that” sermon. Peter was describing through the Spirit what was happening in the upper room. Peter was the literal mouthpiece of God. The second time was at Cornelius’s house, the Roman Centurion. Peter found himself preaching to a houseful of gentiles for the first time. Peter was preaching by the power of God. How do I know? Everyone who came under the sound of his voice was filled with the Spirit and begin to speak in other tongues. This is what I would call Pentecostal preaching, preaching infused with the power of God. Here is how Albert Barnes describes this.

“In the power of God. In the evidence of Divine power accompanying the preaching of the gospel. The power of God would attend the exhibition of truth everywhere; and would be a demonstration that would be irresistible, that the religion was not originated by man, but was from heaven. That power was seen in changing the heart; in overcoming the strong propensities of our nature to sin; in subduing the soul, and making the sinner a new creature in Christ Jesus. Every Christian has thus, in his own experience, furnished demonstration that the religion which he loves is from God, and not from man. Man could not subdue these sins; and man could not so entirely transform the soul.”

So find yourself a good church where the message is more than a slick infomercial. Get under some good Pentecostal preaching and it will influence every part of you. Your whole man: spirit, soul, and body will be effected. You will find yourself immersed in the power of God.


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