James 1:17 – Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.

Trying to describe the Trinity can be quite an impossible task. We catch glimpses of the glory of God in each member of this three in one God. Today I am thinking about the Father, the fountainhead of all things. We have to be careful when pondering the nature of the Lord that we don’t trip up over our human and earthly limitations. All natural fountainheads had a beginning some where, not so with the Father. He is an eternal fountain. The Son of God and the Holy Spirit flow out from Him. Notice I didn’t use the word originate with Him. They flow out from Him, they have always flowed out from Him. They are eternal flowing out from the Father of glory. Here is how Jonathan Edwards describes this beautiful attribute of our Father in heaven.

“God has in Himself an infinite fullness and sufficiency and His fullness is continually overflowing. He is an infinite fountain and a fountain perpetually sending out pure streams. God’s communicativeness is of two things; excellency and happiness. God is an incomprehensible fountain of both. He communicates excellency to the creature. He beautifies and adorns the world as the sun adorns the world with His rays. All the perfection and all the excellency that is to be discovered among men or angels or any other creature is a communication of this fountain as rays are communicated from the sun. All creatures receive their excellency from God as the moon and planets have their light from the sun so God communicates happiness, being infinitely happy in Himself He rejoices and blesses all others. The rays that stream forth from this sun are as it were streams of pleasure and happiness. God is a fountain of happiness and he is the only fountain of happiness.”

There is a continual stream of revelation, purity, and extreme joy flowing out from our Father. He is an eternal fountain of goodness that calls out to us everyday. Christ is the river that flows out from the Father. The Holy Spirit is the river that flows out from the Father. If you want to be totally literal, creation itself flows out from this fountain. Every good and perfect gift is coming to you today. Where does it come from? The Father of lights of course.

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  1. J Canon John described the Holy Trinity in the best way to comprehend—Imagine A man who is——– a son, a brother, also a father. That man is really, three persons in himself. So is with the holy Trinity–FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT. ONE GOD……..

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