Jn.14:16 – I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, so that He may be with you forever;

The third person of the Trinity, the blessed Holy Spirit, is the most mysterious of all the members of the Godhead. He exists in a supportive role, carrying out the Father’s plan and revealing and glorifying Christ. He is the One Who is working in the earth today. His great day of ministry began on the Day of Pentecost. He is actively building God’s kingdom through yielded vessels in this world. Jonathan Edwards had some incredible insight about the ministry of the Spirit. Here is a quote from his teaching on the Trinity.

“This is very consonant to the office of the Holy Ghost, or his work with respect to creatures, which is threefold: quicken, enliven and beautify all things; to sanctify intelligent [creatures]; and to comfort and delight them.

He quickens and beautifies all things. So we read that “the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters” [Gen. 1:2], or of the chaos, to bring it out of its confusion, into harmony and beauty. So we read, Job 26:13, that God “by his spirit garnished the heavens.”

Tis he that sanctifies created spirits, that is, he gives them divine love: for the Scripture teaches us that all holiness and true grace and virtue is resolvable into that, as its universal spring and principle.

The third and last office of the Holy Spirit is to comfort and delight the souls of God’s people. And thus one of his names is the Comforter, and thus we have the phrase of “joy in the Holy Ghost.”

I love all of this. The Holy Spirit makes us alive and beautifies us. We were dead in our sins and our lives were anything but beautiful. He made us alive by coming to live in us. From that moment He began His work of cleaning us up and beautifying our lives.

Next, He sanctifies us. He does this by filling our hearts with the love of God. We love the Lord now and we hate the things that made our lives miserable. It is the love of God poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit that sanctifies us, this is the work of the Spirit.

He is also called the Comforter. The misery of this life tends to fill our hearts with sadness. The Holy Spirit comes and comforts us and fills our hearts with joy. This is the work of God, the blessed Holy Spirit. He has filled us with joy beyond words.


  1. Good morning.
    1960 of May I gave my life to the Lord. I began serving my Lord and church in the childrens ministry by helping to assist the workers with infants. I also helped in putting together the church’s booklets that were mailed monthly to the congregation and other people who were on the mailing list.
    Though I believed I was active in church, it wasn’t until 1991 that I realized my walk with the Lord was shallow. I needed and wanted to go deeper in the Spirit.
    Because I was raised in the Baptist faith, I never spoke the Heavenly Language, tongues.
    I wanted that desperately. I realized my prayer and talks with Jesus were not only being heard by God but also by the devil. I didn’t want the devil to hear my talks and prayers with Jesus. So, in 1993, I got re-baptized to bury old my mind set. Why? Because speaking in tongues was not encourage in the Baptist faith.
    When I was re-baptized, I came up out the water speaking in tongues. What an exciting and glorious day for me; I now have a deeper walk with my Lord Jesus Christ!
    Thank You God for sending the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues, especially my spiritual language. Jane

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