Jn.2:4 – And Jesus *said to her, “ What business do you have with Me, woman? My hour has not yet come.”

Jn.2:4 -TPT – Jesus replied, “My dear one, don’t you understand that if I do this, it won’t change anything for you, but it will change everything for me! My hour of unveiling my power has not yet come.”

Timing is always important. Learning to leave things in God’s hands is a lifetime endeavor. Mary must have got impatient at times wondering when Jesus would come forward and show the world who He was. Apparently Mary was a little tired of waiting when this whole wedding drama had begun to unfold. “Maybe now is the time”, she must have thought in her head. After all just a few days before this Jesus had been baptized by the Prophet John and John had said this is the One. He was called the Lamb of God and the Baptizer in the Spirit. It seems like Mary pushed Jesus a little bit by their discourse and Jesus went on to turn the water into wine. There was no hiding it now, this must have been the occasion, the first miracle, that sent Jesus into the wilderness to fast and pray to seek direction from His Father. Apparently it was the fullness of time. Here are some thoughts on this moment from Brian Simmons.

“Or literally “Woman, what is that for you and for me?” This is an Aramaic idiom meaning, “What do we have in common if I do this?” For Mary, it will change her very little, but for Jesus, this will be his first public miracle and will dramatically change his ministry from this moment on as the crowds see the power that he possesses. Jesus knows his miracle ministry will “come out of hiding” by performing a miracle. Yet with Mary’s encouragement, Jesus proceeds to do just that.”

All of us have things we are waiting for the Lord to do in our own world, I know I have quite a few of those things. As Mary quickly found out, timing is everything. Mary had waited for thirty years for this moment and now she was at the beginning of three years of crazy. There were miracles all right but Mary’s friends tried to kill her son not so long after the wedding when Jesus preached at their hometown synagogue. He was hated and ridiculed yet loved and worshipped. Mary must have longed for those quiet years more than once. So while we wait for fullness to show up maybe we can just enjoy our present life with the Lord. When the water turns into wine the whole world begins to change.

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  1. With the chasm growing larger as foretold, straddling is made impossible. Choose your side, decisions are required by all.

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