Jn.4:13,14 – Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again; but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never be thirsty; but the water that I will give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up to eternal life.

What is that really gets you going? What is the thing you love to do more than anything else? What makes you happy? Its pretty easy to figure this out about people because their conversation will come back to this time and time again. We want to share our joyful experiences with whoever will listen. There are people that always talk about cars and for others the conversation is football and to someone else it could be their boat. I remember when I first became a Christian how the sudden change in my life was obvious. Before Christ I was talking about the Beatles, Eric Clapton, or Janis Joplin now my conversation was about the Lord. I was reading the gospels like a starving man would eat a loaf of bread. I couldn’t get enough and that was all that I wanted to talk about. The point is we communicate out of what we enjoy. Here is how John Piper describes this in his book about Augustine.

“The implications of Augustine’s experience and his theology of sovereign joy are tremendously relevant not only for preaching but also for evangelism. What had happened to him can happen to others because every human heart is the same in this way. “I am not alone in this desire [for the blessed state of happiness, nor are there only a few who share it with me: without exception we all long for happiness. . . . All agree that they want to be happy. . . . They may all search for it in different ways, but all try their hardest to reach the same goal, that is, joy.” This is a great common ground for doing evangelism in every age. Deeper than all “felt needs” is the real need: God. Not just God experienced without emotional impact, but rather God experienced as “holy Delight.” Not because God gives health, wealth, and prosperity, but because God is our soul’s joyful resting place.”

So what is bubbling up out of your fountain of joy? If you look to Jesus and drink the water He has to give a fountain of joy will be continually bubbling out of your heart. Your conversation will somehow turn to Jesus and you will overflow with joy on everyone you know.

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