Acts 3:19-21 – Therefore repent and return, so that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord; and that He may send Jesus, the Christ appointed for you, whom heaven must receive until the period of restoration of all things, about which God spoke by the mouths of His holy prophets from ancient times.

The 60’s were all about revolution. The hippies were in the streets calling for a revolution, they were furious about the Viet Nam War and were calling for a complete change and overhaul of society. They had thrown out the accepted norms of society. Apparently marriage was just a piece of paper, sexual promiscuity was celebrated, and the government was in the way; revolution was the only way out. This atmosphere proved to be the breeding ground for the Jesus movement which shocked the church world in the 1970’s. Thousands of hippies were radically saved and the revolution became a church revolution; the church world would never be the same. Every kind of outcaste and the rejected would be welcome and the worship would be changed permanently. Churches all over the country were being led by former hippies now preaching the gospel. Today unrest is in the air again. Today’s generation has changed their terminology but their cry is quite similar. Sexual promiscuity is the expected norm and revolution is called systemic change. The common denominator is obvious, both generations were unknowingly calling out for God.

God will respond, He always does. today’s verse speaks of God’s answer – refreshing and total restoration. The Lord brings His seasons of change and restoration into His church which ultimately impacts the world. Just as the rebellion of the 60’s was swallowed up by a spiritual awakening, this generation is beginning to feel the effects of a great move of the Spirit of God. Those that feel abandoned, silenced, and unheard are about to step into the wonder of God’s revolution.

The Lord always responds to the cry of the disenfranchised and rejected. They may think they are calling for one thing, the Lord sees the cry of each of our hearts. In the past few years we have seen the cry over sexual identity, defunding the police, as well as Antifa and BLM demanding systemic change. The Lord sees what the true cry is, the cry for God to bring His revolution, the Jesus Revolution. With multitudes angry and disillusioned a Jesus Revolution is inevitable.

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  1. The cries of the far left are revealed in this blog. Are there any cries of the far right? All of the world is crying out for JESUS!

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