Ezekiel.9:3,4 – He called to the man clothed in linen at whose waist was the scribe’s kit. And the LORD said to him, “Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and make a mark on the foreheads of the people who groan and sigh over all the abominations which are being committed in its midst.”

I was recently reading the book of Ezekiel when this vision caught my attention. Ezekiel was describing the coming judgement on Jerusalem when this mysterious scribe dressed in linen made his appearance. I never focused on this before but discovered this amazing description of this scene in Matthew Henry’s Commentary. Check this out.

“the One who used the writer’s inkhorn was the LORD of angels, for it is generally agreed among the best interpreters that this man represented Christ as Mediator, saving those who are his from the flaming sword of divine justice. He is our high priest, clothed with holiness, for that was represented by the fine linen. As a prophet he wears the writer’s inkhorn. The Book of Life is the Lamb’s book. The great things of the Law and Gospel that God has written down for us are written down by him, for it is the Spirit of Christ, in the writers of Scripture, who testifies to us, and the Bible is the revelation of Jesus Christ. This shows us that it is a matter of great comfort to all true Christians that among the destroyers and the destructions that are around us, there is a Mediator, a great high priest, who has influence in heaven and whom saints on earth know.”

Israel had turned their back on the Lord and after years of correction by a series of prophets the destruction of Jerusalem was imminent in Ezekiel’s day. In this passage the Lord Himself came as the scribe in linen to mark those who had kept themselves for the Lord. Today we are in a similar time, the people of this generation have given themselves over to the spirit of the world. Jesus has come as our Scribe and Mediator and is marking the people who belong to Him. The coming judgement on this earth may not be something we often hear about but it is imminent. We live in the season that the Lord is marking His sons and daughters with the seal of His Spirit in order to protect them in the great day of God’s judgement that is upon us. We are in a season of intercession and outreach in this generation, pleading with the Lord for His mercy and pleading with the lost to come to Him. The great day is upon us, make sure you have plenty of oil in your lamp because the Bridegroom’s appearing is imminent.

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