Rom.2:4 – Or do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness and restraint and patience, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance?

This verse has always grabbed my attention and caused me to think about my ungratefulness regarding God’s kindness toward me especially in the years when I was running from Him. How many times did He protect me and keep me safe when I was racing toward judgement with my foolish behavior. It took me years of stupidity until I finally saw His kindness toward me that gently led me to repentance. Paul is warning about this in today’s verse using the phrase “think lightly” (Kataphroneo). The root word phroneo is a beautiful word which encompasses our thoughts and our affections. Here is Strongs Wordbook definition.

phroneō; to exercise the mind, i.e. entertain or have a sentiment or opinion; by implication, to be (mentally) disposed (more or less earnestly in a certain direction); intensively, to interest oneself in (with concern or obedience): — set the affection on,

Adam Clarke spoke about ignoring God’s kindness while the Lord continues to follow us with His kindness until our ultimate conversion. Check this out.

“Will you render of none effect that marked benevolence of God towards you which has given so many superior advantages, and that forbearance which has tolerated your many miscarriages, and that long-suffering which, after repeated provocations, still continues to bear with you? Not knowing, not acknowledging that this goodness of God, which has so long manifested itself in forbearance and long-suffering, leads you to repentance-was designed to accomplish this blessed end; which your want of consideration and acknowledgment has rendered, hitherto, ineffectual. This was a maxim among the Jews themselves; for, in Synopsis Sohar, it is said:—The holy blessed God delays his anger against the wicked, to the end that they may repent and be converted.”

Even as a Christian it is easy to ignore the Lord’s kindness displayed in His abundant provision and His orchestration of all things for our good. He watched over you from the day you were born until the day you called upon His name. Today He still showers His kindness on you and on me, acknowledging His kindness is key to seeing His handiwork all around us. Creation is crying, the Word is proclaiming, His sovereign plan is displaying God’s goodness everyday. All I can do is say, the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever.


  1. Too many days I have taken Adonai’s kindness for granted. Too many miscarriages and even abortions of God’s plan by my own neglect. Yet the very instant I remember, turn to Him, and call on His Name, He hears, He answers, and He delivers. So I stir myself up to remember that He loved me when I was unlovable, and that His mercies are new every morning.

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