Jer.30:7 – Alas! For that day is great,
So that none is like it;
And it is the time of Jacob’s trouble,
But he shall be saved out of it.

Over the last week or so I have been pondering the unfolding events in Israel and considering the prophesies in the Bible that deal with the last days. The last days were kept before us in my early days as a Christian, everyone seemed to have opinions and even insight into how current events factored into all of that. Israel was a common topic as the Six Day War in 1967 and the Yom Kippur war of 1973 were both in the headlines and seemed to be a constant reminder of the last day prophesies in the Bible. Today’s verse invokes a phrase that was commonly used in those days, ‘the time of Jacob’s trouble’. This was in reference to the seven year period at the end of the age when there would be a combination of political realignment bringing the antichrist into power, a possible rebuilding of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, an incredible gospel harvest of jewish converts, and a time of calamity and natural disaster never seen before in human history. Here are some thoughts from the Fire Bible on the time of Jacob’s trouble’.

“The verses that follow this phrase indicate that Jeremiah is speaking about the time of future tribulation of terrible suffering and distress for the Jewish people. Though the Jews have endured times of great persecution throughout history, this passage speaks specifically of the suffering that will take place during God’s end-time judgments on the earth. At that time, the forces of the antichrist will march against Israel with the plan to destroy it entirely. At this point, Christ will suddenly return to earth with the armies of heaven to rescue Israel and destroy her enemies. Israel will then serve God and follow Christ. Jacob’s (i.e., Israel’s) trouble will finally end when Christ returns to establish his kingdom on earth and reign with his people over all nations for a thousand years.”

There are all sorts of versions of what the end will look like, apparently we stepped further into that season last week. The nations of the world will unite against the land of Israel just as the prophets foretold. It will be a time of judgement and despair. The good news is that multitudes will turn to Christ and His return to reign as king will be the final result.


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