2 Tim.2:1 – You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.

Paul’s second letter to Timothy is written by one looking into eternity, Paul had finished his race, he was about to step over into glory. His last message was to his son in the faith Timothy, he was encouraging him to be strong in grace because of the headwinds of adversity he would face. The times were critical for Timothy, the times are also critical for us today. We can take these words, “be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus”, and make them our own. Paul had been an example in all of the obstacles he had faced of staying strong and focused on the reward, now it was Timothy’s turn to step up. Here is how Chrysostom describes this verse.

“The young sailor at sea is inspired with great confidence if the master of the ship has been preserved in a shipwreck. For he will not consider that it is from the master’s inexperience that he is exposed to the storm, but from the nature of things, and this has no little effect upon his mind. In war also the captain, who sees his general wounded and recovered again, is much encouraged. And thus it produces some consolation to the faithful that the apostle should have been exposed to great sufferings and not been rendered weak by the utmost of them.… For if I, Paul, endure these things, much more ought you to bear them. If the master much, more the disciple. And this exhortation he introduces with much affection, calling him “son,” and not only so, but “my son.” If you are a son, he implies, imitate your father.”

We have experienced our own blowback over the years and by the grace of God we have continued to press on toward the finish line. We are living in what I consider a very dangerous time and yet a season of unprecedented opportunity. Paul was able to encourage Timothy because he had seen the hand of God sustain and empower him over all the years to see an incredible harvest. The Lord has helped us at Victory again and again; even though we have had our share of resistance, the Lord has sustained and empowered us as well. We are positioned at the end of this age, the Lord has given countless promises of an unprecedented harvest before the Lord’s return. It’s our turn to take the baton and finish the race.

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