When Jesus saw their faith.
Mark 2:5

Jesus saw something when He looked at the paralytic and his friends. He saw an expectant faith in their faces. Where had this faith come from? They had heard stories of others that had received a miracle. Maybe their friend would get a miracle. As they drew near to Jesus, this hope began to change. When they looked through the hole in the roof, something awakened in their hearts. Something was about to happen, they just knew it. They had come to Jesus, something great was about to happen for their friend.
What is this thing Jesus saw in these men? What is faith? The author of Hebrews called faith a “substance”. What kind of substance is faith?
Faith is the effect grace has upon the human heart. Faith is the imparted ability to perceive the spiritual realm. Faith is the opening of our spiritual senses, so that the things of God’s kingdom become real to us. This is what David described when he said “Taste and see that the Lord is good”.
When the paralytic and his four friends came near to Christ, their senses began to be flooded with light. Grace and truth are in Christ. Their faith came alive and a miracle was birthed. Maybe you are facing circumstances that are beyond human remedy. Maybe you feel like faith is dim, and the Lord is far away. Actually, He is nearer than you can imagine. He is a very present help in times of trouble. Today, He is in your house, ready to impart faith into your life. How could that happen? Faith and love are in Christ Jesus. You do not have to work it up. Just get close to him, whatever it takes. Press through the crowd, climb up the tree, tear off the roof, or lift up your voice in desperation. The Lord is near and your miracle is in His hand. You do not have to depend on human faith, but you have access to God’s faith. As you get close to Him, your faith is awakened. He pours His faith into you and then looks into your heart. What does He see? He sees a glimmer of faith. Like He said to the paralytic,”Your sins are forgiven. Pick up your bed and go home”.


  1. Awesome message, Pastor Frank! Faith is truly the substance of things hoped for and the evidece of things not seen… is so very exciting and spiritually, physically rewarding to live by Faith!

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