John 17:5 And now, O Father, glorify Me together with Yourself, with the glory which I had with You before the world was.

The term Father erupts various feelings in all of us. The son who was raised by a single mom may have confused or a distorted concept of a father. The children of an alcoholic father can have mixed, or a polluted idea of what a father is like. Their father may have been inconsistent, sometimes there and sometimes not very dependable. Then there is the horrific situation where a young girl was abused by her father, her concept of what a father is, is destroyed by the sinful behavior of her dad. For others, their memories are very healthy. Some were blessed with faithful, loving fathers. My point is this, when the word “father” is spoken, it takes on the connotations of the person doing the speaking. That brings us to Jesus and His love for His Father. Jesus had spent a literal eternity enjoying His Father’s love. The Father and Son have an infinite, eternal love for one another. When Jesus says “Father”, His words literally drip with the love of God. Charles Spurgeon had something to say about the love of the Father for His children. Check this out.

“Here is honor and love. How great is a Father’s love to his children! That which friendship cannot do, and mere benevolence will not attempt, a father’s heart and hand must do for his sons. They are his offspring, he must bless them; they are his children, he must show himself strong in their defense. If an earthly father watches over his children with unceasing love and care, how much more does our heavenly Father? Abba, Father! He who can say this, hath uttered better music than cherubim or seraphim can reach. There is heaven in the depth of that word-Father! There is all I can ask; all my necessities can demand; all my wishes can desire. I have all in all to all eternity when I can say, Father.”

So what kind of feelings stir in your heart when you talk about your Heavenly Father? Without knowing it, many times our feelings for our Heavenly Father can be strangely effected by our past experiences. The good news is this, our minds are being renewed by the powerful influence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Often, people who carry a wound in their hearts, longing for a father’s love, find an unusual intimacy with their Heavenly Father. Everything they seemingly missed out on is replaced with so much more as they discover and explore the amazing love of our Father in heaven. As we open our hearts to the love of God, the Holy Spirit comes upon us, He pours into us the amazing love of God. Maybe today you are in need of the Father’s love, the truth is all of us need His love every day. Call upon The Lord, the Father’s blessing will surely fall upon you.

One Reply to “FATHER’S LOVE”

  1. He loves on us even at times when we despise our own actions! Jeremiah 31:1-6. Psalm 89:28-36. Psalm 103:1-7. Thank you God for your love that is constantly being lavished upon your children! In the name of the slain Lamb of God!

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