This is a very special year for Parris and I. We have declared the whole of 2013 as a year of celebration. Forty years ago our lives were drastically and permanently changed. What happened? First of all we were born again. Christ revealed His amazing love for us to us. We saw it the first time in the strangest way. We were watching the movie “Jesus Christ Superstar” when Jesus walked into our lives for the first time. We saw what calvary was about in a moment of time. As Christ was shown suffering and dying on the screen, our hearts began to break under the conviction of our sins. Christ had died for us. His love won our hearts. Within two weeks of that experience we were baptized in water and called into the ministry. During that same span of time we were married. We have a lot to celebrate. Salvation, calling into the ministry, and marriage. This is quite a forty year anniversary!
Today we are celebrating another anniversary. Thirty four years ago we started Victory Fellowship here in the New Orleans area. We had finished our Bible School in 1977, made our way to NOLA, and the rest is history. The Lord has done amazing things for us. Here is a short list of some of the highlights of the last thirty-four years.

Jan. 28, 1979 Victory Fellowship was born at Kawanee Avenue

March 1983 moved into our facility on Transcontinental Drive

Sept 1984 Victory Academy began

Sept 1985 Bethesda College

January 1989 moved into our Airline Drive campus

July 4 1990 Feed the Multitudes starts

August 1994 Historic revival begins at Victory Fellowship

Oct 31 1999 First performance of Beyond the Grave

August 29 2005 Hurricane Katrina

June 2006 Broad Street Mission

January 2007 Victory North-shore

March 2009 Marysong 2009

The Lord has done exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond all we can ask or think. You could just look at one of the ministries and be amazed at what God has done. Beyond the Grave has seen thousands of people harvested into the kingdom. There are pastors, worship leaders, businessmen and women, missionaries teachers; the list is almost endless, people who came to Christ through Beyond the Grave. Victory Academy has graduates serving in schools, churches, universities, and businesses all over the planet. Bethesda has graduated pastors, church leaders and missionaries that are serving The Lord in Tanzania, Uganda, China and the USA. Feed the Multitudes has been used to open the hearts of thousands to the message of the gospel. Many struggling with poverty and homelessness have found their way back to The Lord, back to church, and back into the job market as their lives have been transformed by The Lord.
Then there are the many churches that have been planted, ministries that have been birthed, and lay leaders that have impacted their world powerfully. So I say, let’s join in the celebration. The Lord has done above and beyond what we could have imagined, but I don’t think it is finished. How do I know? The joyful anticipation of coming revival is building in our hearts.

2 Replies to “VICTORY CELEBRATION 2013”

  1. God is performing miraculous miracles through his children! At the victory assemblies and at many other assemblies throughout the world! We who are his church are all baptized into one spirit! My God the souls that we as his church will reach is vast! We are all soldiers in Gods Army friends! Former drunks,drug addicts,sex addicts,adulterers,gamblers,and etc. The return of Jesus Christ draws near my fellow soldiers of Jesus Christ!

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