May your will be done.


What actually happened that day in the Garden of Eden? How did things that started so promising go so bad so fast? What exactly happened to man in that garden? The Bible teaches that we literally became enslaved to sin on that fateful day. Man who was bubbling over with promise suddenly lost his bearings. What was damaged and imprisoned that day was our will, our ability to make right choices. We became somehow ensnared to the promise of the pleasures offered by sin. Knowing to do right, we always seemed to choose the bad. The promise of the pleasure of sin seemed too much for us to overcome. So the battle for man was the battle of free will. Christ had to become a man and win this battle for us, that is what Calvary and Gethsemane were all about. Not my will but your will be done. Here are some thoughts about the freedom that Christ purchased for us from Andrew Murray, freedom to follow God from our hearts.

“When God made man in His image it was, above all, with the purpose that the desires of man would be in harmony with the desires of God. This is the high honor of being made in the likeness of God—that we are to feel and wish just as God. In human flesh man was to be the embodiment and fulfillment of God’s desires.

But God created man with a will of his own and the power to choose and make decisions for himself. And after man had fallen and yielded himself to the will of God’s enemy, God in His infinite love set about the great work of winning man back, that man would make the desires of God his own once more. As in God, so in man, desire is the great moving power. And just as man had yielded himself to a life of desire after the things of the earth and the flesh, God had to redeem him into a life of harmony with Himself. And so the Son came into this world to reproduce the divine desires in His human nature….”

So there you have it, “he that the Son sets free is free indeed.” Finally in Christ our eyes are opened. We finally see that there is a better way, a better life, and a sweeter pleasure. Christ Himself become our passion, the foolish pleasures of this world have finally been broken from off our lives.

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