Bring forth quickly the best robe and put it on him.
Luke 15:22
Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son is filled with amazing spiritual truth. In this one short, simple verse we see the very nature of our Heavenly Father in the life of the prodigal son’s father. He wanted to give to his son. The son had earned nothing, he had squandered his inheritance and still the father wanted to give his substance to his son. What a picture of our Heavenly Father, He is a giver. He is the source of everything that is. He existed before creation, everything that exists came from Him. His nature is constant, in other words He is still the source of all things. He not only created all things, He disperses all things as He pleases. He delights in giving. He is looking for those who will delight in receiving. Look at the two brothers in the story, the prodigal was broken with repentance. He was ashamed for his sins. He knew his father was the person to go to for restoration and provision. The elder brother was self righteous. He had done everything right and thought he deserved provision because of his service. He didn’t know God was a giver and wanted to give to those who humble themselves and call out to Him, the self righteous are left out, their pride keeps them from receiving God’s provision. Here are some thoughts from Watchman Nee on today’s verse.

“God is so wealthy that His chief delight is to give. His treasure stores are so full that it is pain to Him when we refuse Him an opportunity of lavishing those treasures upon us. When the prodigal returned home, the father had no word of rebuke for the waste nor of inquiry regarding

the substance. He only rejoiced over the opportunity his son’s return afforded him for spending more. It was the father’s joy that he could find in him an applicant for the robe, the ring, the shoes and the feast; it was his sorrow that in the elder son he found no such applicant…. It gives Him true joy when we just let Him give and give and give again to us. He wants to be the Giver eternally, and He wants to be the Doer eternally. If only we saw how rich and how great He is!”
The Lord has more in store for us than we know and even more than we can possibly receive. Maybe its time to humble ourselves so that we can expand and make room for the blessing of God.

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