Is. 25:6 ¶ On this mountain the LORD of hosts will make for all peoples

a feast of rich food, a feast of well-aged wine,

of rich food full of marrow, of aged wine well refined.

This Christmas I want to learn to feed more and more on Christ. Today we will continue our gospel feast. What is today’s dish? Feasting on the blessing of being joined together with Christ. Jesus Himself said that He was in the Father, we are in Him, and He is in us. You can’t get more connected than that. I am connected to Him in His humanity, His death, His resurrection, and His glorification. The power of that truth is totally overwhelming. This is not something set apart for the future, it is a fact today. Feeding on this truth, enjoying and relishing every bite, allows the power of it to sink in. His story has become mine. I am in Him and all that He has inherited from the Father is mine too. Here is Spurgeon’s comment from his sermon Gospel Feast.

“There is an indissoluble union between Christ and all His people…. This is a union of the most wonderful kind, which figures may faintly set forth, but which it were impossible for language completely to explain! Oneness to Jesus is one of the fat things full of marrow, for if it is so indeed, that we are one with Christ—then because He lives we must live also; because He was punished for sin, we also have borne the wrath of God in Him; because He was justified by His resurrection, we also are justified in Him; because He is rewarded and forever sits down at His Father’s right hand, we also have obtained the inheritance in Him—and by faith grasp it now, and enjoy its earnest. Oh, can it be that this aching head already has a right to a celestial crown, that this palpitating heart has a claim to the rest which remains for the people of God, that these weary feet have a title to tread the sacred halls of the New Jerusalem?”

How can a Christian ever be bored. We have risen from our dead lives with Christ and are seated with Him in heaven at the Father’s right hand. Our future is better than we can imagine. The best part? It all starts now. Dig in; enjoy today’s meal.


  1. Recently, I have gotten very conscious about my diet. What I have found is eating healthy, I can eat all day and rarely surpass my required caloric requirements. The feast spoken of in this blog is even more outrageous then my daily diet. Makes me think that Paul was actually on to something with that pray without ceasing and walking in the spirit thing.
    Thanks for the reminder to create that atmosphere of heaven around me by firing up the worship music, contemplating the word of God and sitting down at that table that he prepared for me – even in the presence of my enemies,

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