2 Cor.9:15 – Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!

Some things are just too good for words. That’s what Paul is saying in today’s short scripture verse. Paul had come to the conclusion in all of his searching after God, that His gift was beyond even his ability to describe. The Father’s gift of the Son, the Son’s gift of the Holy Spirit, both are too big and too good for words. Here is how Albert Barnes describes this gift.

“This is a gift unspeakably great, whose value no language can express, no heart fully conceive. It is so because

(a.) of his own greatness and glory;

(b.) because of the inexpressible love which he evinced;

(c.) because of the unutterable sufferings which he endured;

(d.) because of the inexpressibly great benefits which result from his work. No language can do justice to this work in either of these respects; no heart in this world fully conceives the obligation which rests upon man in virtue of his work.”

Barnes was stunned by the greatness and the glory of God. What does that have to do with His gift? The gift of the Son and the gift of the Holy Spirit give us a glimpse of the greatness and goodness of God. Jesus reveals God’s goodness by His unmatched love for us. The Holy Spirit touches on His greatness, the unlimited, eternal nature of God. We see clearly through His gift that God is great and God is good. We also see God’s love in the suffering and death of Jesus. This is a display of the amazing love of God. We also taste His love in the outpouring of His Spirit on us. The Holy Spirit is the manifest essence of the love of God. We also see the unspeakable nature of His gift in the effects it has on people.

A great example of the effects of His great gift was seen in our church this weekend. Two of our Mary’s Song graduates graduated from Bible College and were given ministerial credentials. For those that don’t know, Mary’s Song is our live in program for young women whose lives have come off the rails. For these women to be born again and transformed into women of God is amazing enough, but licensed ministers; that is just indescribable. Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift. Here is a bonus quote from Charles Wesley on today’s verse.

“A vast unfathomable sea where all our thoughts are drowned.”


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