Rev.1:10 – I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and I heard behind me a loud voice like the sound of a trumpet,

Do you ever take time and really examine what the authors of the Bible were trying to say? I mean to try to take yourself out of your predispositions, the things you automatically think the Bible says. What exactly did the Apostle John mean when he said he “was in the Spirit”? Was he describing something available to all Christians or just first century apostles? I believe John was describing the influence of the Spirit that began for John that day in the upper room when he and 120 other believers were baptized in the Holy Spirit. I also believe this same experience is available for all Christians today. The Baptism with the Holy Spirit is the root of the supernatural element in the Christian life. Here is how Albert Barnes describes John’s comments.

“The fair meaning of the passage is, that he was at that time favored in a large measure with the influences of the Holy Spirit—the spirit of true devotion; that he had a high state of religious enjoyment…. The state of mind in which he was at the time here referred to, is not such as the prophets are often represented to have been in when under the prophetic inspiration….but such as any Christian may experience when in a high state of religious enjoyment. He was not yet under the prophetic ecstasy, but was, though in a lonely and barren island, and far away from the privileges of the sanctuary, permitted to enjoy in a high degree the consolations of religion: an illustration of the great truth that God can meet his people anywhere; that, when in solitude and in circumstances of outward affliction, when persecuted and cast out, when deprived of the public means of grace and the society of religious friends, he can meet them with the abundant consolations of his grace, and pour joy and peace into their souls.”

This is incredible to me, the Holy Spirit is available to us today, especially when we are going through unusually difficult times. That’s exciting to me knowing the times we live in. I have a feeling the need to be “in the Spirit” is going to increase in the coming days. Just as John was in the Spirit during his exile, we can be in the Spirit no matter what difficulties we face.

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