JN.9:4 – I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work.

There was a famous video that circulated from the Brownsville Revival that this verse reminds me of. In the video, a teenaged girl is shaking under the power of the Spirit as she began to testify. She described how the fire of God had fallen on her and was calling her to repentance. She began to shake more violently as she repeated again and again, “There is not much time”. Jesus is very clear in this passage about the meaning of the miracle of healing on the blind man. Now that you can see walk in the light. Make good use of your time for His glory because the night time is rapidly approaching. Here is how Barclay describes this verse.

“Jesus goes on to say that he and all his followers must do God’s work while there is time to do it. God gave men the day for work and the night for rest; the day comes to an end and the time for work is also ended. For Jesus it was true that he had to press on with God’s work in the day for the night of the Cross lay close ahead. But it is true for every man. We are given only so much time. Whatever we are to do must be done within it. There is in Glasgow a sundial with the motto: “Tak’ tent of time ere time be tint.” “Take thought of time before time is ended.” We should never put things off until another time, for another time may never come. The Christian’s duty is to fill the time he has–and no man knows how much that will be–with the service of God and of his fellow-men. There is no more poignant sorrow than the tragic discovery that it is too late to do something which we might have done.”

The awakening of our soul can be quite shocking, just like the light breaking into this blind man’s life for the first time. Once you see Christ and taste eternity for yourself you begin to recognize that we are at the end of this prophetic day. The day of His kingdom is breaking in upon us; we must do our utmost to win souls at this hour.

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