Matt.1:21 – And she will have a son, and you are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.

It had to be the most troubling night of Joseph’s life. As far as he could determine, his precious fiancée had been unfaithful. She was pregnant and came up with a story of an angelic visitation and a supernatural conception. Joseph had never been around any miracles and a story like this? Joseph wasn’t buying it until… until that angel visited him too. Joseph’s darkest night turned into a brilliant sunrise, not just for Joseph but for all mankind. Mary was not only pregnant, she had conceived by the Holy Spirit and was carrying the Son of God in her womb. ‘Call His Name Jesus, He will save His people from their sins.’ This is how Charles Spurgeon describes this beautiful Name.

“Savior is the meaning of the name, but it has a fuller sense hidden within, for in its Hebrew form it means “the salvation of the Lord,” or “the Lord of salvation,” or “the Savior.” The angel interprets it as “he shall save.” The divine name, the incommunicable title of the Most High God, is contained in “Joshua,” the Hebrew form of Jesus, so that in full the name means, “Jehovah Savior,” and in brief it signifies, “Savior.” It is given to our Lord because he saves—not according to any temporary and common salvation, from enemies and troubles—but he saves from spiritual enemies and especially from sins…… The first link between my soul and Christ is not my goodness but my badness, not my merit but my misery, not my standing but my falling, not my riches but my need. He comes to visit his people—not to admire their beauties but to remove their deformities, not to reward their virtues but to forgive their sins.”

The name of Jesus brings hope into every awakened, forgiven sinner. He did’t come for the righteous, Jesus came and died to save sinners. All the mess our world is in can be traced to sin. Our marriage woes, our financial nightmares, our addictions; shall I go on? All of this misery is the consequences of sin. Jesus came to save us from our sin. He forgives us but saving is much more than forgiveness. He not only washes us and makes us whiter than snow, He restores us from the mess sin has caused in our lives. Call His Name Jesus, no greater words have ever been spoken!!!!

2 Replies to “CALL HIS NAME JESUS”

  1. Jesus my Savior, saved me at the cross. But I didn’t recognize it until I received Him! Salvation belongs to our God!
    Merry Christmas

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