Matt.2:10 – When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy.

Even God’s creation is calling out to all mankind, “Come to Jesus!!”. The wise men came from a distant land heeding the call of God through a star. The closer they got, their joyful anticipation increased. They were about to experience the defining moment of their lives, looking at the creator of stars in the form of a baby, born among His creatures in a stable in Bethlehem. Over the last several weeks you could hear a stir as the Star of Bethlehem was appearing just before Christmas. This heavenly event hasn’t happened for hundreds of years but has happened this week; is God calling out to all of us again? Is something historic about to happen? Is Christ about to appear on earth once again? Here is how Spurgeon describes this amazing sign from God.

“The wise men offer gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These wise men, leaders of their own people, bow down before Christ and pay homage to the Son of God. Wherever Christ is, he is honorable. In the day of small things, when the cause of God is denied consideration and is hidden away with things that are despised, it is still most glorious. Christ, though a child, was still King of kings. Though among the oxen, he was still distinguished by his star. If wise men of old came to Jesus and worshiped him, shouldn’t we all come also? They were guided by a star. We are guided by faith through the divine Spirit, by the teaching of his Word, and by all those blessed lights the Lord uses to conduct people to himself. It was well to come to the baby Jesus when led by the feeble beams of a star. We will find it still more blessed to come to Christ now, who is now exalted in the highest heavens and who by his own light reveals his own perfect glory.”

Though the Lord cloaked Himself in humility in His infancy, He still rules the world through His sovereignty. Though today we cannot see Him with our eyes, He is clearly seen through His creation and His work of redemption. Though He rules the universe as a man in His unseen throne, soon He will split the sky as He returns in glory. Today, we don’t have to rely on the signs in the heavens alone, we have His Spirit and His word calling us. Can you hear Him? Come to Jesus – He is calling you into His arms of love.

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