Lk.2:38 – While Simeon was prophesying over Mary and Joseph and the baby, Anna walked up to them and burst forth with a great chorus of praise to God for the child. And from that day forward she told everyone in Jerusalem who was waiting for their redemption that the anticipated Messiah had come!

Anna and Simeon are two of the mysterious characters that appeared about the time of Christ’s birth. Luke tells us that Anna was a prophetess; in other words she proclaimed God’s word under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. This was unheard of in those days! Secondly, she was obviously led by the Spirit appearing at the moment the Lord was being dedicated in the temple and Simeon was prophesying. We also see Anna burst forth in her own prophetic song magnifying the Lord. Anna had been fasting and praying for years waiting for the promised Messiah to appear, now that moment had come. Here is how Adam Clarke describes Anna.

“It is probable she went about from house to house, testifying the grace of God. In the margin of our common version, Israel is put instead of Jerusalem, which the translators thought was nearly as eligible as the word they received into the text. This marginal reading is supported by several MSS., all the Arabic and Persic versions, the Vulgate, and most copies of the Itala. Were this reading to be received, it would make a very essential alteration in the meaning of the text, as it would intimate that this excellent woman traveled over the land of Israel, proclaiming the advent of Christ. At all events, it appears that this widow was one of the first publishers of the Gospel of Christ, and it is likely that she traveled with it from house to house through the city of Jerusalem, where she knew they dwelt who were expecting the salvation of God.”

Apparently Anna began to declare the fulfillment of the prophetic promise of the coming of the Messiah far and wide. She had seen the Lord’s Christ and she was telling everyone all about. Adam Clarke believed she actually went from house to house throughout all Jerusalem telling what she had seen and heard. I believe the Lord is raising up a generation of Annas in our world today. The prophetic time clock seems to be at high noon once again. The kingdom of God is breaking in, we need to tell His story to everyone in our city.

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