Lk.2:30 – for my eyes have seen Your salvation…

When Simeon looked upon Christ he said he was looking upon the SOTERION- The Savior of the world. Using this terminology is shocking, he is describing forgiveness of sins as well as salvation from the consequences of sins. Simeon knew the gravity of that statement, as a teacher in Israel he knew very well that only God had the power to forgive sins. Simeon was standing before Moses’ bush, or Isaiah’s flying throne; he was gazing on the very glory of the Lord and he knew it. He proclaimed that Christ was the Savior of the world.

Dake said that Simeon was the first to have handled the Word who became flesh.

“Simeon was the first on record to have seen and handled “the Word of life”. God’s salvation is not merely a deliverance as such, but is a divine person—the Deliverer.”

Clarke said that this proclaimed that Christ was our life itself.

“That savior which it became the goodness of God to bestow upon man, and which the necessities of the human race required. Christ is called our salvation, as he is called our life, our peace, our hope; he is the author of all these, to them who believe.”

Henry said Simeon had glimpsed the joy of the coming world in Christ.

“Now let me die, since I have seen thy face. It bespeaks a believing expectation of a happy state on the other side death, through this salvation he now had a sight of, which not only takes off the terror of death, but makes it gain, Phil. i. 21. Note, Those that have welcomed Christ may welcome death.”

The Life in the Spirit Commentary says Simeon believed this Savior would bring deliverance from sin to the world.

“Simeon has personally seen salvation, which is none other than the baby boy he is holding in his arms. This salvation God has “prepared in the sight of all people” meaning that both Gentiles and the people of Israel will experience deliverance from sin.”

As we think about this moment in Simeon’s life we can begin to feel the weight of Simeon’s words and revelation. The Word has become flesh, we have seen His glory and our lives have been changed forever. He is the Savior of thee world, He has saved me from the misery of sin.

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