Ps.46:1 – God is our refuge and strength,
A very ready help in trouble.

Coming to the end of yourself is a good thing, it is just not much fun getting to that place. You can observe just about every character in the Bible and see how they came to the end of themselves. For Abraham it was offering Isaac, for Jacob it was his struggle with Uncle Laban, for Paul it was the relentless attacks on his life, and for Peter it was an empty boat and the pressures of providing for his family.
Today’s verse is all about coming to that place where you see your hopelessness when left to your own resources and the amazing help we receive from the Lord. He is our strength. He is our spiritual strength that strengthens us on the inside. He infuses us with Himself and He becomes our strength. Here are some observations from HOLMAN TREASURY OF KEY BIBLE WORDS on this beautiful word ‘strength’.

“The word “strength usually reminds us of the physical strength of popular wrestlers and weightlifters on sports television. In a culture where athletes are nearly deified, it is difficult for many of us to imagine the word “strength describing anything other than physical strength. But in the 264 times the Hebrew word for “strength” is used in the Old Testament, the majority of time the word refers to spiritual strength—to the strength of the Lord.
Habakkuk ties together two important concepts—faith and strength—in his prophetic message in Habakkuk 2. The Hebrew word chayil is translated “strength”. It can also be translated as “efficiency,” “wealth,” “army,” “warrior,” or “influence.” It comes from the same root as the verb chil, which means “to be strong,” or “to be firm.” Habakkuk used chayil to assert that his strength came from the Lord. This strength from the Lord is what enabled the prophet to live by faith, not by sight.”

When you feel like you cannot go another step, He is your strength. If you are under attack and suffering sickness in your body, He is your strength. If you can’t stand to look at another bill, He is your strength and provision. Are you tired of pushing against the tide of the modern society? He is your strength. Today, Jesus is with you. He is present and already at work. Look to Him – Acknowledge and worship Him. He is more involved in the details of your world than you will ever know.

3 Replies to “GOD OUR STRENGTH”

  1. Some of us have taken the long route to the end of ourselves. We realize the strength available with God, but mistakenly mix our choices into the equation. Just the other day I took a road trip to a restaurant near our men’s retreat, with my phone on the charger in my room I figured I could remember the route back from the 7 mile trip having followed another on the way there. In my rush to get back (we were already late, the place had one waitress and the whole town was there) I got lost, (I left first) had no idea whether to go straight, left or right at a stop sign. So I prayed for help, got out of my truck and waited to flag down the first car I saw. What should have taken 12 minutes took 35 and I ended up even later than those that left after me. I immediately saw the parallels to my last 40 years. Started by following, made a choice to take matters into my own hands, got lost, humbled myself, prayed, got help, got back where I belonged.

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