Ps.16:2 – I said to the LORD, “You are my Lord;
I have nothing good besides You.”

What is it that gets you up in the morning and gets you started on your day? In other words, why do you do what you do? Maybe you never allow yourself to ask these kinds of questions, but maybe it’s time. Is it your job, making a living for your family, or maybe you have retirement already on your radar? Or possibly you are motivated by your next getaway living from vacation to vacation. That’s why Jonathan Edwards’ classic quote is so shocking. He is not focused on the gifts and blessings we enjoy in this life. Like Paul, his eye is on the prize; God Himself is my good. Here is how he says it.

“The redeemed have all their objective good in God. God himself is the great good which they are brought to the possession and enjoyment of by redemption. He is their highest good, and the sum of all that good which Christ purchased. God is the inheritance of the saints; he is the portion of their souls. God is their wealth and treasure, their food, their life, their dwelling place, their ornament and diadem, and their everlasting honor and glory. They have none in heaven but God; he is the great good which the redeemed are received to at death, and which they are to rise to at the end of the world. The Lord God, he is the light of the heavenly Jerusalem, and is the river of the water of life that runs, and the tree of life that grows, in the midst of the paradise of God. The glorious excellencies and beauty of God will be what will forever entertain the minds of the saints, and the love of God will be their everlasting feast.”

When God becomes your portion He lights up every part of your life. It’s not that we don’t enjoy the natural blessings of life; we actually enjoy them more. It’s as if our whole life becomes balanced, our perspective changes, we are enjoying everything else for a different reason. So I like the way that sounds, “God is my good”, He is my portion, my treasure, and my inheritance. He is the motivation of life; without Him we just sort of drift, not ever realizing our purpose and just how special each day really is.

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  1. Awesome post!
    “Maybe you never allow yourself to ask these kind of questions “ what a great statement, worth examining oneself and our motivations. Take tithing for instance, I’m saddened by the statistics on the percentage of believers who actually do tithe, if you figure in those who do it simply because it’s an investment that pays dividends or those who fear punishment for not doing it, how many does that leave after the cleansing fire?
    These questions are necessary.

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