Isa.53:8 – He was taken from prison and from judgment,
And who will declare His generation?

If you want to get swallowed up in something it may be in the unveiling of the trinity. Sarah Edwards described herself as being swallowed up in God, have you had an experience like that lately? One of the church fathers, Augustine, used to go on and on about what he called two generations, the eternal generation of the Son of God and the virgin birth of the Son of Man. He described one as being born without a mother and the other as being born without a father. In today’s verse Isaiah is asking the question, “who will declare His generation?” Maybe he could have said who has the ability or revelation to describe the generation of God’s Son. Obviously, we are treading on holy ground here, places that are beyond human understanding. Here is some of what Augustine said about today’s verse.

“The Son of God, who is also the Son of man, our Lord Jesus Christ, born of the Father without mother, created every single day; born of his mother without father, he consecrated this particular day [Christmas Day]; invisible in his divine birth, visible in his human one, in each of them wonderful. Thus it is difficult to judge about which of the two the prophet is more likely to have prophesied, “Who shall tell the tale of his begetting?”—whether of that one in which, never not born, he has the Father co-eternal with himself; or of this one in which, born at a particular time, he had already made the mother of whom he would be made; whether of that one where he was always born, since he always was. Who, after all, will tell the tale of how light was born from light, and they were both one light; how God was born from God, and the number of gods did not increase?”

His virgin birth is obviously a stumbling block to those who have never been born again. His miracle birth can only be grasped by faith. When we speak of God’s only begotten Son again we are treading in territory only approached by great humility leaning on the revelation of God. Jesus is uncreated, eternally existing with His Father. How can He be begotten? That is the eternal mystery of God. He has existed with the Father before time began, who can declare this kind of generation.


  1. Mind explosion 💥 🤯 He IS THE GREAT I AM who WAS, and IS, and IS to COME! Unfathomable, only by Your Spirit Lord! ❤️❤️❤️

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