Ps.65:11 – You have crowned the year with Your goodness,
And Your paths drip with fatness.

There is so much of God’s blessing all around us and so little acknowledgement of it. If you really think about it, is it easier to feed 5000 people with a little boy’s lunch or to provide food and drink for every creature in the world everyday? We all eat from His hand continually and act as if we provide everything by our own accomplishments. Every year, every day, and even every moment is slammed full of God’s generous provision. He even feeds His enemies every day. Today’s verse is written with eyes wide open seeing the blessing of God that is everywhere in our world. Every ant, every elephant, every opossum, and every turkey is feasting daily on His generosity. Here is how Hesshus describes the blessing of God that surrounds us.

“Clearly the benefits with which God manages and adorns this corporeal life are innumerable! Consequently David here briefly details the numerous benefits of God. “You crown the year with your bounty.”…..There are so many different kinds of grains, beans, wines, fruits, so many various types of animals, wild beasts, birds, fish, herbs and vegetables and harvests, that if you were to assign a certain type of good to each hour in a year, you are going to discover far more benefits of God than there are hours in a year. Consequently God crowns the year with his bounty, then repeats these universal benefits, so that there is an abundance of crops and animals! “Your footsteps are drenched with abundance.” That is, wherever God is seen to be present, there his blessing produces an abundance of all things. Whether he walks in the desert or in the mountains or in the plains or in the valleys, blessing and great fruitfulness of the fields are left behind him. “The plains and valleys will rejoice!”

This Psalm of David reminds me of the Sermon on the Mount preached by Jesus; “Consider the birds of the air and the lilies of the field. If our Father supplies for them, how much more will He take care of you”. I guess where we all get off track is when we are distracted by the stuff that is going on all around us. We must put our eyes on Jesus, that’s where we will see His goodness crowning our year.


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