Heb.1:1-3 – The Son is the dazzling radiance of God’s splendor, the exact expression of God’s true nature—his mirror image!

Jesus is called the radiance of the glory of God. This is what Paul saw when Jesus appeared to him on the road to Damascus. This is also what John experienced on the Isle of Patmos. The radiance of the Father is a person, His name is Jesus. When Jesus walked on this earth in His humanity His radiant glory was cloaked or hidden. Some of the disciples saw a glimpse of the radiant glory on the Mount of Transfiguration. The sun is a picture of this radiant light. The beams of the sun carry healing and energy. This healing, even as powerful as it is, can not compare with the healing power of God that streams out in this radiant glory. It is literally the resurrection power of God. Here is a description of this radiance from Jonathan Edwards.

“The beams of this spiritual Sun don’t only refresh but restore the souls of believers. Thus it is said that the Sun of righteousness {shall arise} with healing {in his wings}. These beams heal the souls of believers. As we often see that when the trees or plants of the earth are wounded, the beams of the sun will heal the wound and by degrees restore the plant, so the sweet beams of the Sun of righteousness heal the wounds of believers’ souls. When they have been wounded by sin and have labored under the pain of wounds of conscience, the rays of this Sun heal the wounds of conscience. When they have been wounded by temptation and made to fall to their hurt, those benign beams, when they come to shine on the wounded soul, restore and heal the hurt that has been received. The sick soul by these beams is restored, as plants that have grown in shady and cold places appear sickly and languishing, if the shade be removed and the sunbeams come to shine down upon them, will revive and flourish; or as the clear shining of the sun after the rain.”

Many today do not take them time just to bask in His radiant glory, many have no idea that the radiance of Christ is available to us today. Take some time, call on the name of Jesus, allow His glory to fall on you. In that light is where full recovery will take place.

2 thoughts on “GOD’S GLORY IS SPEAKING”

  1. I love this!! I love how there is no word for God’s Presence, it’s Face, this is why I worship with my face looking up….it will never again be covered in shame!! I give him my face 🥰!!
    Just wanna stay Face to face with my Beloved! Just like a sunflower opens toward the Son…
    His Radiance draws us to Him💚💚💚💚

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