Heb.2:10 – For it was fitting for Him, for whom are all things, and through whom are all things, in bringing many sons to glory, to perfect the originator of their salvation through sufferings.

This verse touches on the humility of our Lord Jesus Christ. Although He is the eternal God, He has taken on a human body to display the reason we exist and how to display that truth. We are created to display His glory. The greatest way to display His glory is our total dependence on Him. This describes the essence of the life of Jesus; He lived for the glory of God and was able to do that through total dependence on Him to do His works. So that’s where our greatest purpose and joy is found; we are living for His glory by allowing Him to display His glory and power in us and through us. Here is how Murray describes this verse.

“Through whom are all things. Of this too Christ’s life was the exposition. He was not ashamed continually to say that He could do nothing of Himself, and that only as the Father showed Him or spake to Him, could He work and speak. He counted this His blessedness and His strength— not to be able to do anything of Himself, but in continual dependence to wait on God and His working in Him. He knew and taught us that the man who has said in whole-hearted devotion to God, “All things for God,” may confidently say too, “All things through God.” Jesus Christ has made it possible for us to make these our watchwords.in all aspirations after a closer walk with God, in all efforts after a purer, truer, higher life, they are the two poles between which the soul ought to move. They are the sure marks of that true scriptural mysticism, which has such attractions for all hungry souls, who long to know and please God perfectly.”

Discovering why we exist changes everything. I live and breath to show His glory. I can only do this by totally depending on the Lord the way Jesus did. Jesus often said, ‘I can only do the things I see My Father doing’. I glorify Him by needing Him. He works in Me, I am satisfied and He is glorified, this is what our Christian life is all about.

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