Jn.14:16 – And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever—

This verse inspired a book that I wrote way back in the 1980’s, I called that book “ANOTHER HELPER”. The phrase that had captured my attention is the phrase “another Helper”. In the Greek New Testament it was Allos Paracletos. These two words are very descriptive and give us a glimpse into the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit. Most people know the word “Paracletos” which means one called along side to help. The word Allos makes this passage even more powerful. That word literally means another just like the former. In other words the Holy Spirit would be a helper exactly like Jesus. It couldn’t be any better, He is our Helper in every circumstance. Here is how Brian Simmons describes this phrase.

“The Greek word used here is paráklētos, a technical word that could be translated “defense attorney.” It means “one called to stand next to you as a helper.” Various translations have rendered this “Counselor,” “Comforter,” “Advocate,” “Encourager,” “Intercessor,” or “Helper.” However none of these words alone are adequate and fall short in explaining the full meaning. The translator has chosen the word Savior, for it depicts the role of the Holy Spirit to protect, defend, and save us from our self and our enemies and keep us whole and healed. He is the One who guides and defends, comforts and consoles. Keep in mind that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ, our Savior. The Aramaic word is paraqleta, which is taken from two root words: (1) praq, “to end, finish, or to save,” and (2) lyta, which means “the curse.” What a beautiful word picture, the Holy Spirit comes to end the work of the curse (of sin) in our lives and to save us from its every effect! Paraqleta means “a redeemer who ends the curse.”

Soooooo, have you been filled with the Holy Spirit since you have believed? Even better, have you been filled recently? He is a Helper just like Jesus but if possible even better. The Holy Spirit comes upon us but doesn’t stop there, He also comes to live inside of us. He helps us by working in us and through us. He is as near as our breath and He is present in every moment and circumstance of our life.

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  1. A great benefit to all who endear themselves with this third person of the Trinity available to us constantly since Pentecost. I have been through a few battles that helped me realize just how inadequate I alone was able to fight . I hate to lose, God never does, perfect record. He called our name to be on His team, let that sink in!

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