Luke 23:33 – The place which is called Calvary.

God has revealed His love to us in the strangest of ways. Who would have thought that the Lord would allow His only Son to suffer the horrible death of a Roman crucifixion? It was at man’s darkest hour that the light of God’s love broke through the darkness. It was at the place of scourging that healing for our bodies was revealed and secured. It was at the cross itself that Christ took my sins. All of our sorrows and suffering have been dealt with at the cross of Jesus. It was at His tomb that I see my own past buried away. It was in His resurrection that our new day began to dawn. This is how Spurgeon describes this place called Calvary.

“Light springs from the midday-midnight of Golgotha, and every herb of the field blooms sweetly beneath the shadow of the once accursed tree. In that place of thirst, grace hath dug a fountain which ever gushes with waters pure as crystal, each drop capable of alleviating the woes of mankind.…The bitter herbs of Gethsemane have often taken away the bitters of your life; the scourge of Gabbatha has often scourged away your cares, and the groans of Calvary yields us comfort rare and rich. We never should have known Christ’s love in all its heights and depths if He had not died; nor could we guess the Father’s deep affection if He had not given His Son to die. The common mercies we enjoy all sing of love, just as the sea-shell, when we put it to our ears, whispers of the deep sea whence it came; but if we desire to hear the ocean itself, we must not look at every-day blessings, but at the transactions of the crucifixion.”

That first Easter marked the beginning of God’s new day. As the sun rose that first Easter morning, the Son of God had risen from His tomb with healing in His beams of revelation light. Darkness had been conquered once and for all, darkness gave way to the Son-light of God’s glorious new day. The prison doors of our sin have been opened, the captives have been set free. Our new lives have begun – the old life is gone forever. We are born again into resurrection light and life.

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