John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

It’s funny the things the Lord uses to reach the people He is after. My story has been intertwined with Jesus Christ Superstar even before my conversion. Actually, I was mesmerized by the soundtrack from the Broadway Rock Opera even before I was converted. I knew every song and listened to that album endlessly. When the movie was released, Parris and I had to go. It was a hot summer’s night in August of 1973, we had no idea the drama that would unfold in our lives as a result of that movie. Even though the movie wandered away from the Biblical account, I was somehow entranced by the crucifixion scene. In the movie there was a fast moving collage of famous artwork of the cross. Somehow, I connected the dots. I got it, it was my sin that was somehow responsible for the death of the Lord. I left the theatre that night a blubbering mess looking for someone just to point the way.
That’s when the real drama began. Parris and I ended up at the Mardi Gras Fountain on the lakefront of Lake Ponchartrain. The Lord was waiting for us there. Actually it was a small group of Jesus freaks but the Lord was unmistakably in their midst. Before the night was over I had experienced the new birth.
What a strange season the seventies were. In a moment of time I experienced a life change. It didn’t happen in church, there were no televangelists involved. Just some hippies, a folk guitar, and a testimony. You see, at the end of the day I was looking for something real. I had tried the whole sex, drugs, and rock and roll thing and it left me empty. Finally I was tasting something with some substance. Is it possible that is what this generation is looking for? Rather than a watered down relevant message that seems to be borrowed from a multi-level marketing scheme, maybe its the reality of God found in the same old gospel message that this generation longs for. We will never know until we try it. Maybe its time to get out those old gospel tracts, dust off your guitar and launch out into the deep. Maybe there are some other lonesome souls crying out for something real.

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  1. It’s true!!! I read a book, The Celestine Prophecy about 6 months before I made it back to Mary’s Song. It was definitely not Christian but I found Jesus all through it!! How mysterious are His ways??!!

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