“My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?” —Psalm 22:1

This is the day the sun refused to shine. How is this possible that the Father turned away from His Son. Unthinkable! They had enjoyed a fellowship of love from eternity and suddenly it was cut off. What could cause such a drastic effect? What could cause Christ to no longer taste His Father’s love? This is the most painful part, it was my sin that caused all of this. Somehow on that darkest of days my sins were placed on the Son of God. He was cut off for a moment so that I could be restored for eternity. His dark hour brought me into the eternal day. Christ died to save sinners, this is where our new life began. Here is how Spurgeon describes this.

“No other place so well shows the griefs of Christ as Calvary, and no other moment at Calvary is so full of agony as that in which His cry rends the air—“My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?” At this moment physical weakness was united with acute mental torture from the shame and ignominy through which He had to pass; and to make His grief culminate with emphasis, He suffered spiritual agony surpassing all expression, resulting from the departure of His Father’s presence. This was the black midnight of His horror; then it was that He descended the abyss of suffering. No man can enter into the full meaning of these words. Some of us think at times that we could cry, “My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?” There are seasons when the brightness of our Father’s smile is eclipsed by clouds and darkness; but let us remember that God never does really forsake us. It is only a seeming forsaking with us, but in Christ’s case it was a real forsaking.”

Everything went dark as my sins were placed upon Christ. The Father in His holiness had to turn away, sin had to be removed so that I could be brought in. This is why we celebrate this week. I have been brought into the brilliant fellowship of God’s Son. This is our Easter celebration. So as Easter draws near we reflect on all that it means to us. I have been brought out of my tomb of death and my eternal new day has begun.

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