Jer.31:22 – How long will you gad about,

O you backsliding daughter?

For the LORD has created a new thing in the earth—

A woman shall encompass a man.”

I love to search the scriptures that are filled with hidden treasures that many miss at first glance or just a casual reading. Some of the greatest treasures are reserved only for those who are willing to dig a little deeper. Today’s verse is one of those. The thing that first grabs your attention is when the Lord declares He is doing something never done before, a brand new thing. Many are so stuck with the way things have always been that even the mention of something new strikes terror in their hearts. After He mentions the new thing He tells us what that new thing is, a woman will encompass or encircle a man. What could that even mean? To me it is a direct prophetic word about the unusual and unprecedented pregnancy of Mary. She conceived a child by the Holy Spirit and encircled or encompassed this man who is the Son of God. This miracle birth was God’s shocking new thing. Here is how Matthew Henry describes this verse.

“Many good interpreters understand this new thing created in that land to be the incarnation of Christ, which God was looking to in bringing them back to that land, and which had sometimes been given to them as a sign (Isa 7:14; 9:6). A woman, the virgin Mary, enclosed in her womb the Mighty One, for this is the meaning of geber, the word used for man at the end of v. 22. God is called Gibbor, the Mighty God (32:18), as is Christ in Isa 9:6, where his incarnation is spoken of, as it is thought to be here. He is El-Gibbor, the mighty God. Let this assure God’s people that he will not reject them, for that blessing was to be among them (Isa 65:8).”

The most astounding part of this prophetic event was this, it was more than a woman encompassing a man, she was encircling the Mighty God Himself. Who could come up with a plan like this? There is only one answer, it has to be the very plan of God. God Himself revealed in this miracle birth, the revelation of the Son of God.


  1. God’s beautiful Plan
    Thank You Father, Thank You Jesus, and Thank You Holy Spirit for This Wonderous Love You have for each one of us. Thank You Jesus for coming and saving us. We praise You God 🔥
    AMEN 🦋

  2. The good news, the gospel shoes . Has been revealed to us so we can tell others about the plan of salvation, that is exclusively in the Son , Jesus Christ . We either plant seed , water seed , or reap the harvest. But it is God to will and do , all praise, honor, and glory to our Father in Heaven . #grateful

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