Eph.5:16 – redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

Time is a precious commodity. Once it is gone apparently it is gone. I say apparently because the Lord seems to allow for a little wiggle room in this verse. He says we should redeem the time. Redeem means to buy something back that has been lost. So from an eternal perspective when we waste our time we lose it unless…. Unless there is a way by the help of God to buy back or redeem lost time. I know I lost plenty of time in my Christ-less years. I had no direction and all I did was waste my time, talent, and resources. As a Christian I now value my time, it appears to me as precious. By the the Lord’s supernatural effect on my life and my time I can now buy time back. What do I mean by that? Things that I could do in ten years by my own effort can happen suddenly by the help of God. Here is how Jonathan Edwards views this verse.

“Because eternity depends on the improvement of time. Things are precious in proportion to the importance of them, or according to the degree wherein they concern our welfare. Men are wont to set the highest value on those things that they are sensible, and that they have their chief dependence upon. Other things they may easily part with, but they won’t very easily part with such things. And this renders time so exceeding precious, because our welfare, and interest of it, depends upon the improvement of it.…. Time is above all things precious, as eternity depends upon it. The importance of the improvement of time upon other accounts is in subordination to this, and is little [or] nothing in comparison of this. According as we either improve or lose our time, so shall we be happy or miserable to all eternity: without the improvement of time, our eternity will be miserable; and with a good improvement of time, our eternity will be happy.”

So maybe you have literally lost years by making poor decisions. I believe it is possible for all of that to be restored to you suddenly as you step into God’s power of acceleration. 2023 can be the year where everything you lost is restored and more than that, you can begin to experience what it means to be blessed to be a blessing.

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  1. Love how I’m provoked to think about the topics from this daily. It’s become a meeting every day where I can ask what is God showing you, pastor, and how does it apply to me. I think of it as a trusted resource within the guidelines of the path Jesus placed my wife and I upon. The (5) fold ministry, God’s plan, therefore I make myself accountable to and place myself in the service and support of my local church and all its resources. 2023 look out!

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