Hab.1:5 – Look among the nations! Watch!
Be horrified! Be frightened speechless!
For I am accomplishing a work in your days–
You would not believe it even if you were told!

I think the Lord must enjoy the shock value of His sudden visitations. I think of Peter’s shock at the unprecedented haul of fish, the disciples amazement when Jesus walked on water, and the wedding manager in Cana when the water was turned into wine. Then there was the tongues of fire, rushing mighty wind, shaking buildings, and multitudes speaking in other tongues. Jerusalem was blown away by the healing power in Peter’s ‘shadow’, Asia Minor was turned upside down by the miracles in Paul’s strips of clothing, and then there was the sudden conversion of multitudes in the ministry of the Pharisee from Tarsus to follow this Jewish Messiah from Nazareth. All of this was shocking but true. R.T. Kendall made this prediction in 2020 three years before the outpouring at Asbury University.

“I see a day coming when there will be undoubted conversions by the thousands of university students. There will be conversions by the tens of thousands of millennials. There will be conversions of hundreds of thousands of African Americans. There will be millions of Muslims converted. It should not be surprising that the latter will cause the jealousy that Paul envisaged that would lead to the lifting of the blindness on Israel (Rom. 11:14).
Furthermore, as God said that royalty and “men of valor” would be turned over to Joshua, I expect to see high-profile people—those you would least expect to be slain by the power of the Spirit—to confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior openly. If God could strike down Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus by the Holy Spirit (Acts 9:4), He can save anybody. After all, if He could save you or me, He can save anybody.”

I have to agree with R.T. Kendall, America is about to be shocked suddenly and dramatically by an unprecedented move of the Spirit of God. People will be saved in the business places, public and private schools, outdoor evangelistic meetings, places of business, and in the churches. There is a swing taking place in our culture; authentic, primitive Christianity is what the hearts of the lost are longing for. Soul winning ministries will be birthed overnight moving in unprecedented power of signs and wonders, musical gifts will be given over to the Lord and the supernatural ability to play will be common. America is about to see the sudden and shocking move of God.

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