Ps.40:1 – I waited patiently for the LORD;

The Hebrew text reads literally, “Waiting, I waited”. Most all of us can relate to that prayer. It often seems like the Lord moves in slow motion, waiting is a huge part of what we must do. Waiting on the Lord is one of the main ways the Lord deals with us. In waiting we are looking only to Him; we have concluded that nothing else can fix what we are needing, so we wait. Waiting is also closely associated with saturation. Waiting in His presence is a major part of our prayer and our walk with God. We have to conclude that just being with Him is more significant than the thing we are waiting for. So in waiting I waited. He heard my cry and He answered me. Here is how Matthew Henry describes waiting on the Lord.

“He expected relief from no other than from God; the same hand that tears must heal, that smites must bind up, or it will never be done. From God he expected relief, and he was big with expectation, not doubting but it would come in due time. There is power enough in God to help the weakest, and grace enough in God to help the unworthiest, of all his people that trust in him. But he waited patiently, which intimates that the relief did not come quickly; yet he doubted not but it would come, and resolved to continue believing, and hoping, and praying, till it did come. Those whose expectation is from God may wait with assurance, but must wait with patience. Now this is very applicable to Christ. His agony, both in the garden and on the cross, was the same continued, and it was a horrible pit and miry clay. Then was his soul troubled and exceedingly sorrowful; but then he prayed, Father, glorify thy name; Father, save me; then he kept hold of his relation to his Father, “My God, my God,” and thus waited patiently for him.”

Paul waited on the Lord in the Phillipian jail, David waited on the Lord in a horrible pit, Jesus waited on the Lord at the cross, and the disciples waited on the Lord in the upper room. He comes through every time; obviously His ways are not our ways and His timing is not our timing. So go ahead and wait, He has some amazing things coming your way.

4 thoughts on “WAITING, I WAITED”

  1. Waiting = trust, waiting is the evidence that I have indeed put it and left it in God’s hands and His timing. It’s a simple yes Lord or no Lord, anything in between leads to nothing from God.

  2. Gale Ann Luton

    Yes, yes and yes! When you wrote Pastor –
    “We have to conclude that just being with Him is more significant than the thing we are waiting for”
    What a refreshing Rest in Him!

  3. I tend to ‘settle down’ the waiting, when I think of how long He waited, unimaginably patient, for me…

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