Eph.3:18 – be fully capable of comprehending with all the saints (God’s people) the width and length and height and depth of His love [fully experiencing that amazing, endless love];

Like Paul always does, he is trying his best here to describe with words things that are too big and too good for words. How can you blame Paul, of all people? He was the Pharisee of Pharisees, he hated Christianity. He was responsible for the death of Steven, the first Christian martyr as well as untold numbers of other Christians who were killed and tortured at Paul’s command. That all changed when he was stopped in his tracks by God’s love. He spent the rest of his life pondering the question “how could Jesus love me?” It was in this incredible love that Paul’s life was changed, no wonder he is praying that we can taste it for ourselves. Here is how Adam Clarke describes this verse.

“GOD is LOVE; and in that, an infinity of breadth, length, depth, and height, is included; or rather all breadth, length, depth, and height, are lost in this immensity. It comprehends all that is above, all that is below, all that is past, and all that is to come. In reference to human beings, the love of God, in its BREADTH, is a girdle that encompasses the globe; its LENGTH reaches from the eternal purpose of the mission of Christ, to the eternity of blessedness which is to be spent in his ineffable glories; its DEPTH reaches to the lowest fallen of the sons of Adam, and to the deepest depravity of the human heart; and its HEIGHT to the infinite dignities of the throne of Christ. He that overcomes will I give to sit dawn with me upon my throne, as I have overcome and sat down with the Father upon his throne. Thus we see that the Father, the Son, and all true believers in him, are to be seated on the same throne! This is the height of the love of God, and the height to which that love raises the souls that believe in Christ Jesus!”

There it is, the Lord found each of us in some sort of horrible pit, drug us out of it, forgave us, transformed us, and then raised us to unthinkable heights, seated with Him on His throne. So take another look at His love for you: He chose you from eternity, drew you in by His Spirit, filled you with His Spirit, changed you into a different person, and set you on His plan for your life. All of this simply because He loves you. What kinds of words can describe this?

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  1. Indescribable! But, in the times that I feel all alone, he sends someone to show me His Love. When I’m walking on the lake levee with a heavy heart, and crying out to him, someone shows up and pray for me. When I’m missing my Son(d.2019), my Mama (d.2018), 3 very close friends that died all around the same time, also my last Uncle, and a grand nephew ~ He sends comfort and refreshes my soul! I can’t help but carry on with all that he wants me to pour out to others~Endless Love.
    I recently heard that when God fills us, it’s like going to get gas for our car, we have to tap in by spending time worshiping, and being thankful and then he fills us with his Love, and guides us to pour out to others. Unending circle ⭕️ Unending Love 💗

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